Cave Creek Fast Facts:

  • Established: 1870s
  • Incorporated: 1986
  • Area: 28.2 sq. mi.
  • Population: 5,028
  • Elevation: 2,126 ft.

Cave Creek Real Estate

Cave Creek has a unique and colorful history, having been settled in the 1870′s but not becoming incorporated as a municipality until 1986. Much of that history is still reflected in the theme of its special events and unique retail shops that dot the streets.

Cave Creek’s fiercely independent spirit has been nurtured for more than 100 years as miners, ranchers and others looking to get away from it all settled in relative seclusion near Black Mountain. Although increased urban growth throughout the Valley has changed Cave Creek a bit, the residents are still down-to-earth folks who are civic-minded and active in the community.

Cave Creek’s western tradition is evident in its southwestern architecture and rambling ranch homes. It is here that you will find small horse ranch properties and still be near Scottsdale and Phoenix. Cave Creek homes are “flavored” by the community.